Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Lawrenceville

Dr. Alexander Kim provides excellent endodontic care with a gentle approach to root canal therapy in Lawrenceville. There are many reasons you may require root canal therapy; intense pain often indicates decay that has reached the inner part of the tooth, the pulp. A broken tooth also typically needs this treatment if the tooth can be saved. In either case, prompt dental care is necessary.

Explaining Tooth Pulp

There are several parts that make up your tooth; the crown, which is the visible portion, contains the enamel which protects the rest of your tooth and gives your smile its shine. Under the enamel is dentin, which makes up most of your tooth’s structure. Deep within the dentin is the pulp, the core of your tooth.

The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels and is encased by your tooth’s dentin down to the root. The pulp is the most sensitive area of your tooth and any decay or infection that affects it will cause pain and deterioration.

Choices for Treating a Tooth with Damaged Pulp

If the pulp of your tooth has become infected, there are usually only two solutions; root canal therapy or extraction. With extraction, you lose the complete tooth which leads to a host of dental issues, including shifting of teeth and vital jawbone loss. The only way to restore an extracted tooth is for a dental implant to be placed, which is both expensive and much more invasive than root canal therapy.

How Root Canal Therapy works

Our highly skilled and experienced Lawrenceville Endodontist specializes in root canal therapy. Dr. Kim is able to access the pulp, remove the decay and any infection along with the damaged nerves. He then fills it with a biocompatible material that restores the entire tooth including your natural root.

Once it is sealed and a temporary filling placed, a permanent restoration can be crafted. Because the natural crown of the tooth will be altered, a shade-matched porcelain crown is needed to cap your treated tooth, protecting it while blending in evenly with your smile.

A Lawrenceville Endodontist who Cares

Dr. Kim is committed to saving your natural teeth and preserving your smile. Root canal therapy is always a better choice to save a tooth that has been severely damaged whenever possible. Extraction may relieve the pain initially, but is not a healthy choice and causes a domino effect of issues that could have been avoided in the first place.

If you have been told you need a root canal, have broken a tooth, or are experiencing severe tooth pain, our Lawrenceville endodontist offers root canal assessment and second opinions on an extraction recommendation.


For more information on root canal therapy in Lawrenceville, or to schedule an appointment, please call Dr. Kim  today!

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